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Re: TTL Petition

Postby The KGT Kidd on Fri Jul 30, 2010 5:26 pm

Hi folks, five years ago the scales were tipped in favour of the treasure hunter who was then entitled to 90% of any treasure he recovered, now the Heritage Permit is requisite and it only available to an Archaeologist. All the heritage groups have united and have called for the Treasure Trove Act to be repealed. They want gold.silver and precious jewels re-defined as heritage artefacts, that way it all stays in Nova Scotia under the Heritage Act. They feel it is better to leave it underground than loose most of it to private or commercial interest anyway. The scales are right down on that side now and if an even ballance is to be maintained the treasure hunters need to damatically reduce their required percentage. They must also produce some new historic and exciting evidence for the media that will arose greater public support for the continuing commercial interest in Oak island, many thousands of citizens can then petition the minister. That vital edge is what I can bring to the table if my offer and suggestions are excepted and urgently implimented, I'm sorry but I can't elaberate on this except to say I'm trying very hard to to set the scales on an even ballance.

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