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Western Shore

Postby badinfluence63 on Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:24 am

What a lovely and scenic area just unto itself. Having been in the area a number of times from 2005(twice) and about every year to 2008. One can camp at the Rayport, have done that a time or 2 and/or stay at what use to be called the Oak Island spa and resort which was reasonably priced. I've done a combination of both. Chiling at the camp ground with everyone is the best but driving between the hotel where things have been held and back to the campground is tricky.

There are also reasonably priced bed and breakfasts in the area.

Its not inexpensive by no means but its worth it. The ferry ride is what kilz ya pocket book but it does cut off a crap load of hours and miles of traveling.

I pretty much hang in the Western Shore section when I'm there (and I'm over due to go back). I did make it to the first exit in Halifax and turned around and came back to the Western Shore and one other time to Halifax to bring Vincent to the airport.

The ferry ride sux no matter which way you come in. I've seen it turn into a major puke fest more than once,lol. I been from Bar Harbor most of the times and once from St John, NB to Digby,NS and that was nice once in Digby as the ride thru the kilmiugaga national park is scenic and relaxing. Bar Harbor is a nice place to spend a day or so poking around before heading to NS.

While access to Oak Island island is strictly forbidden unless subscribing to the for pay tours that are offered thru out the summers,there is much to do in the towns of Mahone and Chester. Another place called Peggys Cove. On a note the Oak ISland resort and spa is position in such a way that you can openly see Oak Island from its decks. If you rent one of their cabins its shore to shore view. And by camp fire, well that can be real fun and cool.

The Island View and Moe's are 2 of the restaurants that use to be located down there near Oak ISland and the food at both places are reaonably priced and tons of food. As you head into places ike Mahonne Bay the restaurants get a little more fancier and pricier. The breakfast buffet at the Oak ISland spa and resort was inexpensive and many selections offered.

All in all a great destination.
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