Montreal's Irish Mafia

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Montreal's Irish Mafia

Postby Jo on Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:44 am

If any of you have been wondering what Oak Island author D'Arcy O'Connor has been up to for these past few years, I'm pleased to reveal that his latest book, Montreal's Irish Mafia: The True Story of the Infamous West End Gang, has been published!

I'm sure the research has led D'Arcy to some pretty dark places and I'd be interested to hear if he ever found a horse's head in his bed. I'd love to hear some anecdotes about this latest project, and find out if the Oak Island research prepared him for the ruthless tactics of the Mafia ;)

Anyway, here's a synopsis of the book, and for those who are interested, you can order a copy here: ... 58905.html

Their names resonate with organized crime in Montreal: the Matticks, MacAllisters, Johnstons and Griffins, and Peter Dunie Ryan. They are the Irish equivalent of the infamous Rizzuto and Cotroni families, and the "Mom" Bouchers and Walter Stadnicks of the Hells Angels.

Award-winning producer, journalist and author D’Arcy O’Connor narrates the genesis and rise to power of one of Montreal’s most powerful, violent and colorful criminal organizations. It is the West End Gang, whose members controlled the docks and fought the Hells Angels and Mafia for their share of the city’s prostitution, gambling, loan sharking and drug dealing. At times, they did not disdain forging alliances with rival gangs when huge profits were at stake, or when a killing needed to be carried out.

The West End Gang—the Irish Mafia of Montreal—is a legendary beast. They sprang out of the impoverished southwest of the city, some looking for ways to earn enough just to survive, some wanting more than a job in an abattoir or on a construction site. In that sense, they were no different from other immigrants from Italy and other European countries. A shortcut to wealth was their common goal. And Montreal, with its burgeoning post-WWII population, was ripe for the picking.

The Irish Mob made headlines with a spectacular Brinks robbery in 1976, using the money to broker a major heroin and cocaine trafficking ring. It took over the Port of Montreal, controlling the flow of drugs into the city, drugs which the Mafia funnelled to New York. The West End Gang had connections to the cocaine cartel in Colombia; hashish brokers in Morocco and France; and marijuana growers in Mexico. The gang imported drugs on an enormous scale. One bust that took place off the coast of Angola in 2006 involved 22.5 tonnes of hashish, destined for Montreal.

The West End Gang is a ripping tale that unveils yet another chapter in Montreal’s colorful criminal underworld.
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Re: Montreal's Irish Mafia

Postby D'Arcy on Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:44 pm

Hi Jo:

Thanks for the plug. I have to admit that researching who buried a body and where and why was scarier than trying to answer the same questions re treasure on Oak Island.

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