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Re: Welcome to 'Your Theories'

Postby badinfluence63 on Wed Sep 17, 2008 3:42 am

I kinda feel like I am throwing pearls to pigs but here goes...Dan B is not an advocate of the money pit. He leans towards the 10 x. You would know that if you would would have read the most basic book remedial book on Oak Island.
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Re: Welcome to 'Your Theories'

Postby Rick on Wed Sep 17, 2008 12:00 pm


Have you actually ever been on the island?
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Re: Welcome to 'Your Theories'

Postby mutakwe on Wed Sep 17, 2008 5:12 pm


George Green reincarnated. :D Just joking bud, he was a colourful character from Texas who swore he had the mystery all wrapped up. You could see the cigar before you saw him.

Seriously though, please tell me about the unit. I did read recently about new technology that sounded similar to GPR, but was much more definative and I recall seeing the word atomic in the acronym.

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Re: Welcome to 'Your Theories'

Postby deltaalphaone on Sun Sep 21, 2008 12:27 pm

I read a Novel called The Money pit 1500 miles from where I have lived for 28 years...
I live in Maryland and read about this incredible Mystery in McAllen, Texas and seems somebody or something went to an immense effort- which I guess upon being perhaps 800 or 900 miles from Oak Island up there at Nova Scotia. What perplexed me is that the amount defenses that were engineered to keep hidden the unknown objects or unknown treasure
were just as immense. I believe why no artifacts have been found in that hole but know how to find what people have been seeking based upon the traps that were laid upon the Pit and why
nobody has ever been able to find anything but tools in that pit....They are constantly digging in the wrong place--yes the right Island but wrong place .....Two things must be done in order to get to the The Treasure upon this Island....Please place me in contact with what ever group is presently excavating or soon to dig I could save them unbelievable money and time...

I am not really interested in wealth just what is hidden there The Challenge...I am a SEEKER
and once read of a man who found the greatest Biblical treasures on Earth and even believe to find The Ark...I save the pictures of the underwater wheels and golden spokes he believes
were the Chariots in the RED SEA and place where Moses crossed to escape the Pharohs.

The Ark is believed to be under the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem....where Christ Was Crucified. I believe the Money Pit can be solved. Please send any info of those who want to know how to \find it or they will be battling the Ocean for ever to try and find it ..I know about the Tunnels tell them and the traps made by the builders and the Ocean waters surrounding the Island.Thank You. :roll: :roll:
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Re: Welcome to 'Your Theories'

Postby mutakwe on Sun Sep 21, 2008 1:23 pm

Hello Deltaalphaone,

Let me tell you this is not an easy egg to crack. Entire fortunes have been swallowed up over the years, one after the other many learned men have challenged the island. There are multitudes of those that claim to know where to dig, what to dig and who dunnit. But as it stands to this very day OI still stubbornly clings on to her spoils.

As for talking to the powers that be, well maybe they are reading your note this day. But trust me, they've heard it all before.

Perhaps you would like to be a little more definitate and forthcomming. Scholars abound on this forum, and you will have no trouble attracting good healthy debate.

With the red sea crossing, scholars now believe the red sea was mistranslanted and should actually be the "sea of reeds".

There are other places that may house the Ark of the Covenant. Ethiopia swears they have it too. The guard priests there are said to develop cataracts on their eyes. Oak Island has been mentioned. Others say it may have been destroyed. There is not enough conclusive evidence.

What about the unit of which you speak? Tell me about it.

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Re: Welcome to 'Your Theories'

Postby M Deste on Tue Oct 27, 2009 1:46 pm

I am new to this forum so may I introduce myself.

In brief I am an older man. I live in California. I first read about Oak island when I was ten. Since then I have had this hobby of basically researching the old world. My primary interest has been archaeological in nature. Enigmas have always fascinated me. Ancient goings on. The evolution of man and all that. From Leaky to Von daniken. But when I encounter certain things, such as , how DID they get a 120 ton rock to the peak of a mountain 5000 years ago, I find it odd that no one has ever figured things like that out. And there are unanswerable things all over the place on this planet. Oak Island was simply one of the stories I read about early on.

I concluded that there literally was a "whole different world" that existed prior to when we understand our world began, say with the Egyptians, or the Phaeronic era. yet the Phaeronic era began ostensibly with Im Hotep some 4-6000 years or so BC. At that time he designed and built large structures that cant be duplicated today. They are better engineered than those today. How do you suppose he was able to do that? Were talking engineering now. What knowledge could he have possessed that came out of nowhere. Same with Archimedes and Euclid. Archimedes lifted entire ships out of the water with all the men in them. Supposedly it was all in the library at Alexandria that the Romans burned up when they invaded. My point being that high levels of engineering existed way before many today suspect. This is what I found in the Oak Island story. The engineering was very advanced. I believe, decoy or not, it reveals a ton.

I disagree with the navy guy from the standpoint of effort. Who constructs an elaborate engineering project and structure just to decoy. The Egyptians may have been the best examples. They built huge pyramids but ended up hiding their dead miles away. But to decoy on a remote place that theoretically no one knows about to begin with?? Is there any other case of "hiding" something by announcing something is there with a humungous "hint" that there is something there. Now navy guy may have a device that can pinpoint submerged objects but its easy to find the next excavation team who would undoubtedly bring him and his abilities on board and indeed save tons of money in the search. But by this date it looks like it hasnt occurred.

I believe what happens in cases like OI is a domino theory. One finds layers of assumptions upon the next attempt. things get discovered and added to preexisting bodies of theory. Yet the truth may not congeal from doing it that way.

I have looked at a bunch of web sites to reconnoiter the massive amount of documented stuff prior to visiting here and found there were so many pieces it was hard to think everything fit together or even could fit together.

So I decided to more or less, for my own edification, start from the beginning and reevaluate what was first known and proceed from there. In doing that I have arrived at certain conclusions that prompted me to find a place like this to ask the questions and suppositions and see what people more experienced than I in this OI treasure story think or say.

I will tell you one of the things I have been blessed with is the ability to extrapolate. To see how remote things connect. My friends all tell me I should have been an investigator or detective becvause I just natuarally think along the lines of one. But Im not, Im a business planner. But my interest in this regard began when I first began to read alot about archeology. How researchers would or could figure out things about things that happened millions of years ago. Its the process of deduction that has always fascinated me. How sicentists determine things from minute clues. And they do find objects and things and figure things out. But there is another place in that. Its a place in which they also figure out what things WEREN'T.Sometime things are assumed to have been a certain thing for a long time until they suddenly are realized to have been very much different than "always" thought.

Richard B. Leaky was a master at figuring things out like this. Even how things like tools and clothes were made by people several hundred thousand years ago.Not alot of clues around but he was able to by supreme extrapolation of the few bits and pieces of evidence he did have. Another shining light in this process has always been Sherlock Holmes. The ability to deduce in his case stemmed from cancelling out as much as figuring in.

I came to this discussion list to ask questions Ive always wanted to ask and maybe someone has already answered them. Hopefully someone. So if anyone is interested I will, with your permission, throw some things out to you that I have concluded and Im interested in how much my questions have already been hashed out. Forgive me if I get redundant as in "weve decide that several times" etc.
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Re: Welcome to 'Your Theories'

Postby Vincent on Tue Oct 27, 2009 2:43 pm

M Deste,

Welcome to the forum.
Like you I also have a fascination with the past and the existence of what appear to be almost unrepeatable achievements made by man in a time we have yet to fully understand, Graham Hancock once termed this perfectly when he said "we are a civilization with amnesia".
As for questions about Oak Island you will very soon discover that this forum's community are both knowledgeable and tolerant when it comes to serious research into the "OI" mystery, so please feel free to ask whatever you wish I am sure your questions will be answered.
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