the drilled stones

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the drilled stones

Postby wayward on Fri Jan 27, 2012 2:36 pm

I understand there were two drilled stones discovered. May I ask if anybody knows how big they were? Thanks---Bill
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Re: the drilled stones

Postby Vincent on Sun May 27, 2012 6:11 pm


Please forgive my poor memory but I think you will find that there were more than just two drilled stones, from what I remember there was a dozen maybe more ranging from the size of a bicycle saddle to a large plate. There is, or was when I was there in 2006, one of the drilled stones next to the "G" stone near Smith's cove, I used to have a picture of it but sadly lost all of my photo's when my last PC died, the one near the "G" stone was roughly about the size of an individual meat pie (at a rough guess about 6 x 4 inches and about 2 maybe 3 inches thick. The hole, in my opinion, was definitely man made, it was just to sharp and precise to be natural.
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