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Documentary Research

Postby . . . on Sun Nov 16, 2014 9:09 pm

Despite having now published my books on Oak Island, I’m still pursuing the Oak Island treasure map hypothesis. I’ve explained in the series of books why I don’t reckon the maps that surfaced in the 1930s are pirate maps, not that I think this matters, why I believe their content could be important, and why they may well pertain to Oak Island. If the treasure is not in the Money Pit then it’s somewhere else, and that somewhere else may have been identified by instructions - possibly accompanied by maps.

The story of the maps appears strange because of the oddballs who were weird enough to look for them, and who eventually found them. Over the years, I’ve tried to locate material from the files of (Robert) Herman Westhaver, or of Robert Gay. I tracked down two of Westhaver’s wider family, but they reported they had no information at all about what happened to his files. Gay informed Rupert Furneaux that he had been promised them on Westhaver’s death, but I don’t think this happened.

It’s my belief that the papers remained in Nova Scotia, and I’m wondering if anybody has ever followed this up, or has heard anything that I might chase up. I’m concerned that as time passes, potential historical documentation (or copies of it), possibly pertaining to Oak Island, is being dispersed, lost, and destroyed - because nobody is concerned to track it down, and thereafter save it, because they've written it off as nonsense without seeing it, or checking it out.
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